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ACOMMASE is working with bellow-mentioned companies to supply us with their top quality and latest technology products and services to our customers for the safety of their capitals investment and people.
ANGUS FIRE (UK) for the design and manufacturing of automatic foam and water sprinkler systems and gas fire fighting systems in addition to mobile equipment.
KIDDE FIRE PROTECTION COMPANY (UK) for the design and manufacturing of fire detection automatic gas suppression systems (FM 200, ARGONITE AND CO2).
CHINETTI S.R. (ITALY) for the design and manufacturing of fire trucks.
NORTHERN DOOR (UK) for the manufacturing of fire resistant and security doors.
CFI Pumps France
2b security system aps (Denmark) design, supply and assembling CCTV systems and accessories.
SDMS security products (u.k) security systems like electrically operated vehicle entrance barriers; walk through metal detectors, time and attendance.
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