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ACOMMASE is a registered company in Sudan dealing with all aspects of fire detection, fire fighting & security control starting with design, supply, install, safe practices training to major fire control including BLEVEs and BOILOVERs. We also, through our cooperation with Angus and Kidde from the UK, carry out Petroleum Facilities Safety design checks. read more

ACOMMASE @ International Fair of Khartoum

 From 24 January to 2 February ACOMMASE safety and security co. is  participating in the Banking Technologies Fair/ Khartoum International Fair [hall No. 3].
ACOMMASE has the ISO Certificate in supplying, installing and commissioning of: fire detection, fire alarm, fire suppression, security closed circuits systems and fire extinguishers
ACOMMASE safety and security co. equipped with all refilling and testing machines that is updated with the latest technologies
ACOMMASE is working with bellow-mentioned companies to supply us with their top quality and latest technology products and services to our customers for the safety of their capitals investment and people.
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Company Profile
We wish to introduce ourselves to you as a pioneer company that works in the fire fighting, detection and security systems in Sudan since 1987. And it’s our honor to pass you a profile of ACOMMASE that shows the scope of works and types of different jobs that have been completed by ACOMMASE.
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approved certificate by ANGUS FIRE approved certificate by KIDDE FIRE
ISO Certificate
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